Children's Fund

CASA Children's Fund

CASA of Stanislaus County has created a special fund for our foster youth that is meant to be used for those extra things that we would want all children to have access to, that cannot be covered otherwise by the caregivers or the county welfare agency.  Here are some examples:

·         Extracurricular Activities (e.g. sports, clubs, Girl Scouts, etc.)

·         School field trips

·         Senior Trip

·         Prom

·         Cap and gown for graduation

·         Artistic lessons (e.g.  music, dance, etc.)

·         Driver’s Education/Lessons

·         Summer camps

·         Tutoring

·         Medical/Dental (e.g. cosmetic things like braces)

We want our youth to be able to enjoy all the activities and events that non-foster youth get to enjoy.  If you would like to support this fund by making a donation please contact our office at (209) 548-6320.